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My passion is building companies and making them successful.

Operating a business today poses a number of significant challenges even for the most seasoned business owner and corporate leader. We fulfill a wide variety of essential business needs, allowing our clients to focus on their core objectives.

I provide over three decades of hard-won experience and insight both as an entrepreneur and CEO. As a veteran business development and management advisor, I help you utilize limited time and financial resources more prudently and productively. After all, time and money are among your company's most vital assets.

Professional outsourcing: The future of American small business...

Our services include: business development and management consulting, corporate communications, public relations, as well as marketing and advertising. We also provide professional writing and graphic design services, printing, direct mail and website management.

In response to increasingly challenging times, our highly innovative Fractional Marketing Management program offers many benefits of retaining a highly experienced marketing professional, on a part-time or “fractional basis”, without the high costs of employing a full-time executive.

Working together, we harness the power of modern communications and management tools to gain and retain clients while consistently improving the bottom line. Most importantly, our work provides the foundation on which to build solid customer relationships. This in turn helps achieve what most consider the paramount goals of any successful company; client satisfaction, long-term customer loyalty, growth and profitability.

Please allow us the opportunity to contribute to your future.

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