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Alexis is a veteran entrepreneur, an aviation executive and business management consultant.

Over her 40 year career, she founded and successfully led three technology companies as CEO.

While attending university, Alexis was a journeyman electrician and a radio communications technician. Following graduation, she established her first business.

In 1981, Page Communications Co. designed, installed and maintained radio communications systems for business, industry and public safety. The firm was a contractor to AT&T in the inauguration of the original cellular telephone system serving the Los Angeles area. The company owned and operated a network of mountain-top radio repeater facilities located throughout Southern California. A near lifelong electronics and aviation enthusiast, Alexis wrote her first computer program while attending high school.

Beginning in 1987, Page International Aviation, Inc. was established to provide aircraft technical support for several European airlines. Alexis was a consultant and supplier to Zürich-based Swissair for 15 years until the legendary carrier ceased operations in 2002. She is a specialist in airline fleet management.

In 1995, upon the recommendation of the Douglas Aircraft Company, Alexis helped inaugurate a new international airline in Asia as executive vice president and technical director. Her responsibilities included aircraft acquisitions, fleet production supervision, flight acceptance, and delivery. She served as chief financial officer (USA) and principal advisor to the chairman.

Subsequently, Alexis was appointed an independent technical consultant and management liaison representing airline operators of the Boeing 717 passenger jet to The Boeing Company. She was principally responsible for the first aircraft of its type delivered in Europe for Olympic Aviation.

In 2003, following conclusion of the Boeing 717 program, she established Alexis Page & Co. to serve the needs of small and medium-sized companies in the areas of business development, corporate communications, marketing, and overall management.

A native of Los Angeles, Alexis is a graduate of the University of Southern California, an industrial designer and a licensed general electrical contractor.

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